The Power of Collaboration

Good morning and happy Friday!

The theme running through my last week has been collaboration. I’ve been thinking about and putting into practice what it means to do work with others.

Collaboration is one of the most exciting ways to stimulate creativity. When we can bounce ideas off of other people, brainstorm, and create together, our creative potential exponentially increases.

Not only do you get to share resources and experiences among multiple brains; there’s also an energy that gets activated when we are sharing ideas. Somehow it’s easier, more fun, and fluid when we work together (with the right collaborator of course).

Working with others can inspire us to come up with even bigger and better ideas and plans. When it’s not just you alone, more seems possible. You can conquer more of the world, reach a wider community, and have a greater impact. This potential for greatness makes us feel motivated, uplifted, and validated.

For business owners, it’s not easy to collaborate in a structural sense. There are partnership agreements and even collaboration agreements, but just starting to think about splitting assets, intellectual property, and revenue can put us off from wanting to work with other people. Sometimes it just feels easier to do it alone.

But we are never really doing it alone. We’re all trading ideas and finding inspiration from others every day. And when you find someone that shares your vision, it’s worth it to take that collaboration to the next level.

Co-creation, or developing things together, is part of human nature. It makes life richer, and more interconnected. It allows us to hear others’ viewpoints, and make space for non-linear ways of thinking. By opening up our minds to others, we can create for everyone.

We need to build our own collaborative systems, agreements, and intentions. We need to normalize collaboration, and acknowledge the benefits. We need to set the intention to commit to our collaborators and value their growth as we value our own.

Much like our personal relationships, collaborations deserve ongoing care and attention. They flourish with honesty, integrity, and vulnerability. These are all values that we need to move into a more socially conscious business practice. And creativity explodes when we become more vulnerable and open. There’s more space for new ideas.

I hope that you are inspired to expand and delve further into collaborative spaces. Working together, we can accomplish anything.

I want to share with you a new offering that my friend Jeanne, founder and CEO of Virago Futures, and I have developed. We’ve created a Creative Design Thinking Starter Kit to help you jumpstart your next project, product, or business idea. It’s a 10-week immersive online course where you’ll learn the creative design thinking process and also develop and see to fruition your project, product or business.

This course is for entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to understand and integrate creative design thinking into their toolkit, and who are looking to launch a project, product, or business ASAP.

I owe much of my skill set to Jeanne and Virago Futures, and I am thrilled to be partnering with her on this initiative. Please check it out and share it with your network if you feel called.

Have a great rest of your week, and happy collaborating!


Sarah & the SEB Visions Team

Sarah Bisceglie